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Providing Effective and Customized HR Solutions

Allow Opal HR Consulting to be your people resource!

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What We Offer


HR Management
& Recruitment

Opal HR Consulting assists clients in developing strategies, tactics, and processes for sourcing, recruiting, hiring, and retaining the human resources needed to support your business objectives.


Compensation & Benefits

When it applies to a company's compensation and benefits plans, Opal HR Consulting provides strategies for our clients to stay competitive based on market analysis.



Opal HR Consulting provides coaching to assist individuals across all levels of a company in developing self-awareness, clarifying goals, achieving development targets, unlocking potential, and acting as a sounding board.


On-Demand HR

Opal HR Consulting recognizes the value of cultivating positive relationships between employers and workers. We provide resolution strategies for our clients in many areas.

Why Opal HR Consulting?

We are your strategic and confidential partner.

We are a boutique firm which has a large company presence.

The Opal HR Consulting team has over 20 years of comprehensive Human Resources experience.

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